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About the founder cum Principal Dr N. Vijayan

Financial constraints and compulsions of the family did not allow him to complete his college studies and forced him to join the Indian Air Force. He served as a regular combat member of IAF and left after serving for a period of 15 years to take up the teaching job. In the words of H.W. Longfellow “Heights by great men reached and kept were not obtained by sudden flight but, while their companions slept, they were toiling upward in the night” The zenith reached by our founder is the culmination of diligence and perseverance, fortitude and tenacity, determination and devotion

Though he suffered & struggled in the beginning, the grit and determination of Dr. N. Vijayan was able to overcome all hardships and eventually emerged successful. The marvelous growth of the school from 11 students in 1986 to 13,000 students in 2011 is the testimony of his success. The student strength of Alwin Memorial Public School is about 2800. For all his hardwork and dedication, he was successfully honoured by both the state and central governments.

His  dream and vision is being fulfilled with the able support of his son Mr.Aldous Huxley and his wife Mrs.Rachal Georgiana. 
Awards and Rewards
(i) Dr. N. Vijayan was awarded with the state best teacher award, popularly known as Dr. Radhakrishnan award for his contribution to the society for increasing the literacy rate in the year 2002.
(ii) He was honoured with the National best teacher award by Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India for his contribution to provide quality education.

(iii)    Dr. N. Vijayan M.A, M.Sc, M.Ed, ML, Ph.D.

He has done his doctorate (Ph.D) in Social Work from the “The International Bible College” and doctorate in  Education “Peer  Group Teaching” from the M.S.University Tamilnadu. Doctorate was given by his excellence the Governor of Tamilnadu in the  presence of  Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam, who evinced keen interest in the topic “ Peer Group Teaching and Collaborative  Learning”  and commended him for the research.  

Transformation of vision of Dr. N. Vijayan into History
Time has three important impressions in its nature. Namely, past, present and future. It ruled the past, that’s why we call it “history”, it rules the present and we call it “development” and it is always prepared to rule the future, so we call it “Vision”.  Dr.N.Vijayan’s vision in 1986 is a history in the year 2011.
Philosophy of Alwin School

According to Dr. N. Vijayan, school is regarded as a temple of learning , a sacred and holy place, which is synonymous with the philosophy of Alwin School and teaching profession is the noblest of all the services.

Vision of AMPS is to create an educational experience for the students, wherein the students are not only prepared intellectually, but also stabilized emotionally and made confident to thrive in the competitive world. Students are given strong insights into both theoretical and practical aspects of life, taking the standard to global level.

Salient features of Zion for man making education
(i) To provide joyful schooling to all
(ii) Intellectual growth
(iii) Emotional stability
(iv) Mental alertness
(v) Physical fitness
(vi) High self confidence & self esteem
(vii) Healthy character formation
(ix) Leadership Qualities
alwin goes beyond the boundary of curriculum

The school regularly conducts coaching classes for the Science and  Maths Olympiad Examination, Geography talent test, National Talent Search examination conducted by the  National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), ASSET, General knowledge and Biology  test in collaboration with globally renowned organizations in order to enhance subject knowledge.  Besides, the school arranges coaching classes for IIT foundations for VII to IX students. Highly qualified and experienced faculty conduct these coaching classes. We have tied up with an Australian University under the scheme “International Assessment of Indian Schools” to assess and compare the academic level and IQ of our students at par with their counterparts across the globe.

Improvisation and innovation in teaching and learning methodology – Integration of pedagogy and technology
E-learning and smart class programs

The untapped potentials of the children are brought out through a series of activities. Project work, group discussion, quiz on important and relevant subjects help the students to acquire sound knowledge and proper understanding of what they have learnt.

Schooling is a joyful experience as pedagogy is integrated with technology. Smart classrooms with e-board facility enhance the quality of education imparted. Note taking is taught to the students even at the primary level. This enables them to analyse and reason out while learning.

Information and communication technology is incorporated in the school system, aiming for a better progress of the students. This facility enables the teachers to bring into the classroom, the state of Art Education with 3D Animation of the corresponding pictures of the concepts.

Peer group teaching

Children of today feel free to interact with their friends, rather than teachers or parents. The class is segregated into a few groups. Children take their choice. Each group has all I.Q. levels of children. When they work together they feel at ease and joyful learning is felt by them. The students are ready to work for the benefit of the peers. Hence good influence of the peer group, coupled with right encouragement, works miracles. This also rules out rote learning.


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