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A different Lesson Plan Session

‘A true Principal makes his followers greater teachers than they were before’.

Every month, the 4th Saturday is solely dedicated for the lesson plan preparation for the ensuing month. Teachers are segregated according to their subjects. The HOD’S of the various departments take the lead to discuss and deliberate on the topics to be taught to the students comprehensively. Teachers are active participants with the relevant views and ideas, thereby equipping themselves with adequate knowledge and understanding of the topics.

Besides the text book, each teacher brings reference books and materials related to the chapter and revise at least a week in advance before they come to lesson plan writing session.  They try to incorporate and relate the topics with the present social scenario or the daily life situation. This process enables the teacher to be competent and confident about their subjects that without any materials in the classroom, they are able to hold the attention of all the students, as all concepts / points deliberated /exchange of views by colleagues, are fresh in their minds. Apart from these, the type of projects and activities are also planned either for a student or a group. This project or activity interconnects all the subjects, consequently children develop correct aptitude and attitude at the school level and lead them to pursue research programs  later on, during their higher education.


Innovative approach
Substitution period as creativity period (during the absence of Teachers)

When a teacher takes leave the class leaders or the bench monitors collect the creative activities from their heads and inform their friends in the class. Actually the peer group works wonders here. The students involve very interestingly and bring out their innate talents. Charts according to the level of the students  are prepared  for a week, well in advance by the teachers. These charts may contain quiz, G.K. questions, a picture (to assess whether students are positive minded and quick in decision making) on current topics etc.

Vacation Details (Tentative)

The school closes after (SA-1) I term during the 3rd week of September and reopens in the first week of October.

The Half Yearly closure occurs in the 3rd week of December and the re-opening is after the New Year Day.

The summer vacation begins after the (SA-2) II term from 2nd week of April and the school starts to function in the first week of June for the next academic year.

Projects, innovative and interesting assignments, and creative works are assigned to the students during these holidays.


The CCE helps to develop cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills of students. It lays emphasis on thought process and de-emphasize memorization. Evaluation is made an integral part of teaching – learning process . Evaluation is used to improve students achievement. The continuous evaluation helps in regular assessment of student. As per the norms and guidelines of the CBSE, different tools of testing like unit test, assignments, projects, group discussions, quiz and Worksheets etc are given to the students for Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation.

The Formative Assessment monitors the students progress
in a non threatening, supportive environment . It also encourages students to judge their work and also support their “Peer Group”

The Summative Assessment which is carried out at the end of the course of learning, measures how much a student has learned from the course.

The “Life Skills” and the “Moral Education”, being a part of the curriculum, has made a tremendous change in the attitude of students Under Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments, students are given ample opportunities to exhibit their talents.

Orientation Programme for CCE
A two days Orientation Programme was conducted in the month of May 2011, by the Principals of KV2 Tambaram and KV Madurai on CCE. All the teachers were greatly benefitted by the teaching techniques and methods of testing.
A workshop was conducted by Mrs. Nalini Parthiban, Dean of Academics, ( AMPS) for all the teachers of English.
CCA Periods

Thirteen periods per week are allotted for activities like Art, Craft, Value education, Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW), Handwriting, life skills etc to develop their overall personality. Two hours of CCA per week also include dance, vocal, instrumental, language clubs, health clubs, disaster management club, English Club etc.
Students show great interest in these  activities. Competitions are also held to encourage the students. Students are also given coaching in Chess and other games.

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