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An integral part of school system

Motivational counselling:

In today’s nuclear family setting, parents rarely find time to spend with their children. The child longs for love and affection. This unconcerned neglect of the parent cause emotional disturbances leading them to go astray. AMPS conducts frequent counselling sessions for students as well for the parents. Confidentiality is maintained. Secular spiritualism is practiced   to instill the fear of God in the young minds.

Career Counselling Cell (CCC):
It helps and guides our children to identify their aptitude and advise them to select the discipline at higher secondary level. CCC also provides the various avenues available after the school education.
Health and Hygiene:
Health and Hygiene form an important part of our school system. Apart from teaching, we never fail to teach the children about Health and Hygiene.
Children are advised to avoid junk food and take a balanced diet for a healthy growth.
Medical Inspection:

The school regularly arranges a team of qualified doctors for eye check up and a general medical check up. Reports are sent to the parents of those students in whom a medical need is detected for information and follow up action.
Parents are advised to consult the family doctor for preventive vaccine for typhoid, jaundice, chicken pox, malaria, conjunctivitis etc

Extra & Co-Curricular activities – A personality development program:
The school enriches the students’ personality by giving opportunity to each student to enroll in any of the club.
1. Science Club - It enhances the students to inquire into nature
2 Eco Club - It brings out the awareness on in preserving the environment
3. Mathematics club - It Accelerates mental, logical reasoning and analytical skills
4. Chess Club - It enhances concentration and quick decision making ability of the student
5. The Good News Club - It develops moral and ethical values in Students
6. Gardening Club - It enhances the aesthetic sense of the Students
7. Language Lab - It develops communicative skills of the Students
8. Dramatic Club - It helps to produce a troupe of skilled artists
9. Bulbuls and Cubs - It helps to bring an awareness on community service
10. Junior Red Cross - It brings out an awareness on the dignity of labour and true friendship
11. Sports Club - It trains the student according to the talents and efficiency in the field of sports and games
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